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Appalachian Rocks

Wire Wrappers Mixed Gem Parcel #1

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Mixed lot intended for use in jewelry. 

1 Deep blue flash dark opal cut by dan omen
2 Turquoise Cabs Ovals
3 Tourmaline facets Emerald or Bar cut
1 Smokey Quarts Facet Cushion or Emerald cut
1 Rubbilite (pink tourmaline) facet pear
1 Peridot Facet Oval
1 Shark Tooth
2 Labradorite Cabs (one blue flash, one green) 
16 Small Raw Peridot 
2 Raw Green Garnets 
2 Raw Ruby
1 Aquamarine Rod 
1 Deep purple amethyst sceptre 
1 Clear Quartz Point
1 Herkimer Diamond Quartz
1 Peach Moonstone Pear Cabochon
1 Rainbow Moonstone Pear Cabochon 

You will receive the exact stones shows.