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Appalachian Rocks

Super Baller Juiced Out Mix Gem Lot

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A crazy parcel that any jeweler should be psyched to work with. Full list of included items is below. This parcel is for ballers or badasses only so if you don't fit those categories go ahead and keep scrolling. 

6ct Koroit Boulder Opal Cab
7.3ct Spessartine Garnet
1.3ct Tsavorite Garnet
5.8ct Fire Agate
3.55ct Blue Capped Pink Tourmaline
2ct Rubylite Red Tourmaline 
.7ct Smoked Ethiopian Opal
2.9ct Freeform Flashy Morganite
5ct Rainbow Moonstone Cabs (Excellent flash) 
6.25ct Fat Cushion cut Kunzite 
7ct A grade Larimar
2ct Ethiopian Oval Pear Shaped Cabochons (2 pcs)
2.6ct Aquamarine Pencil (very clear, very long)
1.5ct Watermelon Tourmaline bi-color 
3.1ct Green Tourmaline Rod
14.5ct Kingman Blue Turquoise (<3)  
3.8ct Rhodolite Garnet Cabs
2.2ct Australian Opal Cab (Awesome cloud blue flash)
2cts Peridot Facets both pears
3.1cts swiss blue topaz rounds (decently brilliant) 
3.35ct Fat Citrine Oval
1.7ct Sunburst Pink / Orange Tourmaline Facet (pear)
.7ct Green Tourmaline Rectangular Facet

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