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Petrified Palm Root Fossil Cabochons - Medium Sizes

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These are petrified palm tree roots cabbed and polished. You can hold in your hand or wear in your jewelry a piece of life stored in stone for the rest of time to enjoy. Literally a slice of ancient life. You can see the patterns of the wood still in the finished stones creating a cool kind of organic effect to this material. Also occurs in all neutral earth tones making it a very unique option for a focal stone in a ring or pendant. 

I've been burnt so many times buying stones online where the stone I end up getting in the mail is not what I expected based on the pictures that they showed. Pictures below are NOT just an example. You can either buy specific cabs and receive the exact stone that is pictured, or you can buy by weight and get a random selection of stones that is equal to the weight you order but still selected from the stones featured in the photos of the whole lot. So slightly more random but all stones will still be selected from the lot in the pictures so no big surprises here! You'll still know that what you are receiving has already been graded and sorted, and you can be confident in a certain guarantee of quality. Get what you order when you work with us!  Take the guess work out of stocking up. I know jewelry makers often have very specific needs. 

All Natural Material

Indonesian Origin 
Good polish both sides
Excellent Patterns of wood grain, wood cells, structural elements, etc...
Mix Shape Designer Cut 

Feel free to email me if you have specific requirements and we can put together a custom lot. Making special requests in the order notes will be ignored on all blind pull orders to insure fairness. 

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