Opals - Good Flash - Ring Size - Ethiopian Welo's - .5 - 2.5 carats per piece

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Welo Opals generally  have a more translucent body and very vibrant play of color with a wide range of colors to spot. They do however have a weakness for water, so be careful if using them in jewelry, especially rings. More on that later. 

Origin - Ethiopian Welo Opal Cabochon Lot 
.75 - 2 carats per piece 
Great flash ( watch the video) 
Pears and Ovals.


Ring Size Cabs

Not completely uniform so really they range from A-AAA depending on piece. 

Some nice and flashy Ethiopian material in the perfect size for rings, or maybe large accent stones  but most aren't big enough to be focal. Still great flash and price for someone looking to crank rings out or like totally stud something our in opals 😅

Be careful as this type of opal has been known to lose flash when exposed to too much water, so even if you wrap it in silver maybe take it off before your showers. On the other hand I have 2 rings of this material that haven't lost flash in a year and I have survived a hurricane wearing them so it seems a bit random. Your mileage may vary. But here is a website I found which was able to put my words into much better words than mine,  : 

In the end I'm pretty happy with this lot at least at the price point they pack a pretty heavy punch. Some of them an exceptional punch and there are no duds. 

by weight for now. May add singles later 


 WATCH the video for full effect!!