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Black Tourmaline Rods - Top Luster - Natural Terminations Mixed In - Defined Striations - Jewelry Grade

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This Black Tourmaline is of excellent quality with a great luster / shine and very deep black coloration without much matrix to distract from the effect. It is the highest quality of black tourmaline that I could import. Lots of larger pieces I see listed have a much more mottled look with lots of flaking or chipping.

Origin : Pakistan
Black tourmaline rods 
Personal Grade AAA
Many natural terminations
Very high luster.
Good size for jewelry use some for personal specimen.


There are blind pulls by weight available from the crystals in whole the lot photograph for bulk deals. Or if you prefer there is a good selection of individual crystals or specific lots with photographs of the exact rods you will receive plus the weight and length selected to highlight certain features like all long skinny rods, or all large pieces in case you need something particular for a project 

Feel free to email me if you have specific requirements and we can put together a custom lot. Making special requests in the order notes will be ignored on all blind pull orders to insure fairness. 

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