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Malachite Cabochons - Large to Palm Size - 42.5-54mm

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All Natural Material
Personal Grade: AAA
Bright Green Color with Good Patterns
Glassy polish both sides
42.5-54mm length range
Mix Shape


Malachite is very rich in copper like many green stones. It features a fantastic green coloration with banded patterns and is often botryoidal when raw. 

These cabs are quite large and probably best used for palm stones, or in personal collections. They could be incorporated into a belt buckle or other large jewelry but they will be too large for even most larger pendants. 


This material is absolutely spectacular. I fought really hard to find and import high quality malachite with bright green color and intricate Patterning. 

Feel free to email me if you have specific requirements and we can put together a custom lot. Making special requests in the order notes will be ignored on all blind pull orders to insure fairness. 

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