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Charoite Cabochons - Medium Sizes

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Charoite is a very rare stone found only in the arctic reaches of the Russian territory of Siberia. It has a wonderful deep purple shade that reminds me of starry nights and often has some level of chatoyancy making it appear to shift under light. Grab individual cabs or whole lot blind pulls for better pricing. Also have smaller sizes more appropriate for rings or small pendants in another listing

All Natural Material

Russian Origin
Good polish front side
Medium-low polish backs
From low to medium chatoyancy (The shift that it undergoes when moved in light) 
Mix Shape (Lots of longer ovals)  
Personal Grade: B+

Feel free to email me if you have specific requirements and we can put together a custom lot. Making special requests in the order notes will be ignored on all blind pull orders to insure fairness. 

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