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Aurora Opal (Dan Omen cut) 14.7 carat - oval medium dome - 27.4mm

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A wonderful almost 15 carat aurora opal cut by the  very talented lapidary artist , Dan Omen.

14.7 carats
27.4mm long
19.3mm wide
7.5mm deep from top of dome

Not natural but a desirable designer material but wanted to give full disclosure as always.  I know this can be controversial in the stone world and so while I very much enjoy these rare designer synthetic materials, I want to be certain that my customers come into it with full understanding. Besides that Kim Kardashian ain't all natural and she is one of the most famous and in demand people in America.

This stone would make an incredible statement piece. I don't know if I've seen them come on market in this size. I'm sure it's possible but sizing is everything with opals and these do not play around .

Pictures don't do it justice. 

 WATCH the video for full effect